Boris B Herrera

Salesforce Architect
Customer Experience Architect



Hi! I'm Boris, a fellow Software Engineer by profession, Peruvian by heart, and Salesforce and Customer Experience Architect by passion.

I'm currently working as a Salesforce Architect with Salesforce and VASS, and as a Customer Experience Architect with Wilhelmsen Group in UK, Spain, Norway and Sweden. This year, I have the opportunity to work side by side with experienced Program Architects and Solutions Architects from Salesforce. It's been 10 years since I started my software engineering professional path, and I'm looking to pursue even more. Let's get in touch!



I focus on consulting Salesforce solutions, especially in the customer experience and in the engagement domain during the entire lifecycle of projects. I empower businesses during their transformation journey towards customer centric solutions in Salesforce. If you are interested in my services and experience, send me an email or let's get in contact through Linkedin/borisherrera

EU based -Spain, Norway, Sweden, Neatherlands,
France, Lithuania, among others-
Timezone GMT+2 CEST